SSuite NoteBook Editor

A lightweight and powerful text editor


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SSuite NoteBook Editor is a lightweight and portable text editor that lets you start writing your next article, novel, essay, etc. instantly and without installation. You just have to unzip the executable and start typing.

The program takes up less than 13 megabytes of space, much less than other text editors for Windows. That said, all because it's a small program, that doesn't mean it's short on features. In fact, SSuite NoteBook Editor comes with all the features you could possibly want from a program of its kind: a spellchecker in up to seven languages, separation of documents into different tabs, dozens of different fonts, and much more. Once you finish working with your document, you can also save it in nine different formats including .rtf, .doc, and .txt, among other options.

SSuite NoteBook Editor is a great text editor that combines a simple interface and a small size with a wide range of features. And to top it all off, the program doesn't even require installation.
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